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Pu-erh Tea: Organic Red Tea with Antioxidants
Pu-erh Tea: Organic Red Tea with Antioxidants

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Bio3 Pu-erh Tea: Organic Red Tea for with Antioxidants

Individual Pu-erh Tea Bags for Digestion and Weight Loss

Product Description: Bio3 Pu-erh Tea is an organic herbal tea product and provides herbal tea remedies for digestion and weight loss. Our organic herbal red tea is exclusively produced in the Chinese region known as Monastery of Kombucha. Red tea, or pu-erh tea, is harvested in a pollution-free environment and fermented in natural caves for the purest quality.

Health benefits of Pu-erh Tea and How Pu-erh Tea Works: Pu-erh Tea, or red tea, is one of Bio3’s weight loss teas since natural herb supplements help reduce the absorption of fats and facilitate digestive processes. Our organic red tea further helps lower bad cholesterol, reduce triglyceride levels and cut the amount of uric acid in the body. Pu-erh tea also has a natural calming effect.

How to Consume Organic Herbal Tea Product: Pu-erh Tea can be enjoyed regularly. Drink one to two cups of red tea daily in between or after meals. Place one of the organic pu-erh tea bags per person in a cup or teapot with hot water. Let each organic pu-erh tea bag steep for approximately 3 minutes. Add ice to your cup of organic pu-erh tea for a cool drink.

Packaging of Organic Herbal Tea Product: Bio3 Pu-erh Tea is available in single boxes or special organic pu-erh tea 3-packs. Each box of Pu-erh Tea contains 25 organic pu-erh tea bags of 1.5 grams each. All organic pu-erh tea bags are thermo-sealed and made with an unstapled, eco-friendly filter.

Pu-erh Tea: Organic Red Tea with Antioxidants

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